Marianne Bluger

Marianne Bluger was born in Ottawa and spent her childhood in various small Ontario towns where her father, a Holocaust survivor found work teaching school. At McGill she took pre-medical subjects and philosophy and studied poetry with Louis Dudek. She graduated but later dropped out of medical school to marry a Zen master who was, at the time, a refugee. They had two children whom she raised as a single parent. The poet administered for twenty-five years, the Canadian Writers' Foundation. She also co-founded Christians Against Apartheid which operated for many years out of Ottawa. In 1994, she cofounded Tabitha Foundation, a charity now bringing healing and help to the people of Cambodia. Bluger lives in Ottawa with her husband, the well-known birder, Larry Neily. Her eighth poetry collection, EARLY EVENING PIECES, was published in spring 2003 by Buschek Books. She has just completed a new tanka collection, ZEN MERCIES/SMALL SATORIES, and is working on NUDE WITH SCAR, a collection of lyric portraits.

Izumi Shikibu
published in this is NOT a family venue (2005)
published in September 2004
reprinted in the Bywords Quarterly Journal Volume 2 Number 3 (Fall 2004)