Dry heaves in the morning.
Dry heaves in the evening.

Dry heaves after breakfast.
Dry heaves after supper.

Dry heaves in the middle of the night.
Dry heaves in the middle afternoon.

For nearly a week.
Job-search news.
Political news.
Health news.
Trauma of the mind.
Trauma of the soul.

Dry heaves.

People trying to walk it back.
Not even partially succeeding.

Not even really throwing up.
Can’t even really give up.

Dry heaves.

Good news from this?
Weight’s dropping,
Just as the doctor ordered.

Bad news from this?
Fears lurking,
Not as the doctor ordered.

Where’s the relief?

Four years hence,
If we’re all careful,
Vigilant, and above all,
Luckier than the four-leaf.


Dry heaves.

© Dwight Williams