dont you like the way our nights quietly collide (you 
walk excited into my basement w broken lights) , you 
say to me stoic-faced so i send you reckless into the 
couch & the lo-fi hip hop scratches to life as the record 
player knocks into position i feel i feel (your gaze stoic 
& unresponsive) our nights collide across space-time 
& rest in reaching distance from overlap ; maybe you 
say & & & let’s consider the consequences (where are 
we now really) i agree i agree i shake my body to stay 
still & focus on my breathing : you (quietly at first the 
lamps are dim) are close to telling me this doesnt feel 
like we are here i watch reality tv so i wonder aloud 
what character am i supposed to be you (subtly at 
first) say no one darling we’re continuously casting

© a.m. kozak