Love is a recipe i donít know how to make

I asked Mama what love is.
She gave me a recipe.

	a teabag of orange pekoe
making love ends with tea but
1 cup water 1 cup milk
i still havenít learned that you
	bite into a cardamom, put it in
canít just boast on an online dating profile
	cook over the stove
Ďi know how to make masala chaií
	turn it up to medium heat
maybe this cup of tea
	stirring occasionally
will mask the acrid taste
	watch the colour, itíll turn browner
of every lover iíve left behind because
	should start bubbling too
itís always me, not you
	add sugar as you please
i am not sugar in your tea, instead
	using a strainer, pour into cups
the teabag of orange pekoe
	throw the teabag away.

© Manahil Bandukwala