S.J. Atkinson

Susan J. Atkinson was born and raised in England, but now makes her home in Ottawa with her husband and four daughters. After thirteen years working in the Toronto film industry, she turned her passion for reading and writing into everyday life and now spends her days playing with rhythm and rhyme and making up stories and songs for her Kindergarten classroom. At night she writes poetry and co-writes with her film director husband. Susan has recently seen her first script produced into a made-for-TV movie, which aired in the summer of 2014. She has had numerous poems published in both Canadian and U.S. journals. Some publications include: The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, Room of Oneís Own, Bywords, The Pottersfield Portfolio, The White Wall Review (2011 and 1994), The Carleton Arts Review, and Greenís Magazine. She has also had several childrenís poems published, with appearances in both Ladybug Magazine and Pockets.

Blackbird Singing
published in October 2014
after you
published in May 2010