Jazz and Jezebel

When I quit smoking
I quit you.
Smoke, silk sails up 
Shaped like a saxophone
Breathe deep; breathe sulphur
Fill your throat; fill your soul
Smoke sulphur saxophone sounds
From bluesy clubs 
On jazzy streets

Smoke snakes in the air
Like lassos and whips 
Strings and lips
Whirl around…
You're in my face
Love as lace

Smoke and sulphur
O my sweet devil Succubus
Souls apart
Dusky and mellow
Smoke and haze
Snuff my vision.
Gliss, gliss up; notes hang
In hazy blue-hued air

Jazz and the devil
Snatch another soul
Smoke and sound
Swirl in step 
Passion and rage
Your sweet revenge

Sounds stop start stop
Then slide up
Stroke the stars
And steal into the night

© Sean Bedell